Monday, April 2, 2012


This time of year brings so many beautiful elements right to your fingertips - get creative with what's in your back yard.......And that's exactly what we did. Thanks again to Theo Milo Photography for capturing our work and once again making us look so good!

Great idea for gifts- burlap bags filled with a seasonal tree or bush for planting.
Very  quick and easy Lady Banks rose garland for  chair backs.

We covered an old urn with twine and filled it with azaleas , ivy and lush berries all picked from the yard.

The long wisteria blossoms  make for a perfect heart shape nesting in a bird bath. I found a tiny heart shape clover leaf for the center.♥

Tiny french wire votives make a perfect mini centerpiece when filled with moss and cherry blossoms.

We bleached some old wood stumps and topped off with moss and tiny Lady Banks rose buds. A glass cloche holds moss and tiny ferns.

Finishing off our challenge to utilize everything from the garden we made a wine cooler and filled it with blooming rose vines during the freezing process - so easy .

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