Friday, December 31, 2010


We have a wedding featured in The Knot North Carolina Spring/Summer issue well as a wedding featured in Weddings Unveiled Winter issue2011.


These girls were equally adorable and a pleasure to work with. 

Meredith was a great  girl and I so enjoyed the early planning stages  back and forth  with her mother , Sheridan. Sometimes you meet the most fascinating people while putting together a wedding.

Lanterns lit the pool -where I  believe several groomsmen ended  the evening 

Capiz shell chandeliers as well as capiz beachy chicy...and creamy colored pashminas for the ladies.

Aileen was such a lovely girl and such a pleasure to work with. I honestly think we have the sweetest brides in the world.

These are gorgeous manzanita trees covered with white phaleonopsis orchids..capiz chandeliers dance with the linen fabric in the sea breeze.

I cornered the domestic market on pink lily of the valley.

Aileen and her handsome husband Keith.We all agreed that this couple was one of the most in love pair we'd ever encountered. 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas at Dane Cottage or Here comes Santa Paws

When my husband and I bought this house we decide to name it.....because it just seemed like a house that should have a name ..besides it makes for great looking personal stationary.

In England the rich used to name their homes according to ancestry  location and title.Norfolk House (Duke of), Belvoir Castle (overlooking the Belvoir Valley); Castle Droge (named after a 13th ancestor) etc.

We are neither rich nor titled.

We chose the name Dane Cottage because of our  great danes who we love and spoil.

Velvet and Stonewall  

"Is that you Santa Paws? "

Back door  porch where the house wrens nest in the spring

Since we live 10 minutes from the beach we thought Santa should have a proper beach ride.

 See the bits of twig inside? House wrens..they have such a beautiful song.(in spring that is)

Happy Yule , Y'all !

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A very Vintage Christmas

THE house..the most wonderful absolute dream to decorate for Christmas. Imagine my surprise when the Wrightsville Beach Magazine folks contacted us to help with their very special anniversary/Christmas issue and they mentioned the Landis-Smith house. I spent many a lazy summer afternoon in this house,listening to the surf ,sprawled over one of the cots on the porch while engrossed in a big ,thick beach read , cooked shrimp while sipping a crisp glass of wine in the tiny kitchen with two(yes two) stoves.

We  had rented the house several summers in a row and for me this was a labor of fact I remember saying to my husband that I would love to decorate this house for Christmas.

The walls spoke to me of long summer days with sunburned shoulders ,sand on the floor and naps.Cocktails and cheese straws for the adults in the evenings while the children slipped off to bedrooms  that always seemed to have just enough of a breeze to sleep comfortably . And always the sound of the waves. 
"Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air."

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's the little St. Nick

We had a very beachy magazine shoot a couple weeks ago. Wrightsville Beach Magazine asked us along with two other designers to style a fantastic beach cottage/manse at Wrightsville Beach.Lot's of fun filled days were had by all. Above is Ernie the resident feline and our candy cane inspired Yule beach  bike along with a very important message for Santa.
Someone may have been on the naughty list.
I'll post some photo's but please take a glance at the December Issue of Wrightsville Beach Magazine

where we , Salt Harbor Designs and  Airlie Moon made Christmas magic.
with Ernie. 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

And so Marissa and John

Marissa-smart ,sophisticated , beautiful and as big as a minute said to me "no white flowers" and there were  none.
Not a speck. Nada.Ne Rien.
There was however....color and loads of it-beautiful vibrant, happy color. Lovely,dreamy cream capiz shell bowls filled with succulent blossoms and vases spilling over with intensely beaming hot house orchids lit by hammered silver votives.

Where- Porters Neck Country Club
Photographer- Millie Holloman Photography

 St. Mary's Catholic Church

Orchd and succulent Button hole.

 Soo pretty, this moment.

There should be a poem about this image.. 

 I love this image!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Heaven must be missing an Engle......

Engle and Brian, two lovely  people who I had the pleasure of working with.Engle's name translates to "angel" in german and that's exactly what she is.

Place: Bald Head Island...really.. do we work anywhere else?

Photographer: Kristin Privette Byrum (who sent me the kindest note (a real live  in-the-mail note) saying how much she enjoyed working with us) We officially really love her.

The white picket fence outside the Chapel at Bald Head.

Brian and his guys.. what a handsome bunch.LOVE navy blue blazers and khaki's...classic , time honored and still very clever, Bravo!



Tooting my own horn here-my favorite button hole .....perhaps ever.

Tooting the horn again..this IS my favorite bouquet.

Best-cherished  boutonnierre and bouquet in one gorgeous shot!

One of our most cherished couples.♥

I wish I could take credit for the clever signage- all bride.

Delightful,perfect Bald Head Island look.If you looked up Bald Head Island wedding in the dictionary this picture would be there.

Bald Head Island swag courtesy the bride.

Loved the table numbers.

Bio-degradable confetti-courtesy the very creative bride.