Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Alan loves Lauren

What a divine couple and here's a first - we did the wedding  flowers for Lauren's mother , Emma , several years ago on Bald Head Island and  no, Lauren is not a child bride it was her mother's second marriage.

The wedding-Landfall Chapel

The reception- Downtown Wilmington - huge brick building   : )

The photographer- The equally divine Scott Piner Photography - he and his lovely wife have the most beautiful angel of a daughter. Call him,he's a brilliant photographer.

The coordinator- Our friend and colleague Rachel Monroe of Bridal by the Sea

Did I miss anyone?

 Mother of the bride AKA our former bride,Miss Emma.

Lauren and Alan wanted a sorbet bar ...I could'nt resist.

I ♥ our botanical prints and french reproduction clock AND our very,very very dear old steamer trunk.

Wedding road, the white album.

Bliss ♥

Our photo booth/wall was a hit 

Succulents in tiny tins..

We down loaded dozens of photos of butterflies to cut out and place in these lovely vintage green glass jars.
Peach under glass,♥

♥ these votive holders! 
Emma (mother of) filled apothecary jars with flower seeds for bagging up -the brick building used to be a seed store

Alan and Lauren B.

I think perhaps one of my favorite couples. And lovely Emma.

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