Thursday, November 11, 2010

Heaven must be missing an Engle......

Engle and Brian, two lovely  people who I had the pleasure of working with.Engle's name translates to "angel" in german and that's exactly what she is.

Place: Bald Head Island...really.. do we work anywhere else?

Photographer: Kristin Privette Byrum (who sent me the kindest note (a real live  in-the-mail note) saying how much she enjoyed working with us) We officially really love her.

The white picket fence outside the Chapel at Bald Head.

Brian and his guys.. what a handsome bunch.LOVE navy blue blazers and khaki's...classic , time honored and still very clever, Bravo!



Tooting my own horn here-my favorite button hole .....perhaps ever.

Tooting the horn again..this IS my favorite bouquet.

Best-cherished  boutonnierre and bouquet in one gorgeous shot!

One of our most cherished couples.♥

I wish I could take credit for the clever signage- all bride.

Delightful,perfect Bald Head Island look.If you looked up Bald Head Island wedding in the dictionary this picture would be there.

Bald Head Island swag courtesy the bride.

Loved the table numbers.

Bio-degradable confetti-courtesy the very creative bride.


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