Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Project : The New Flower School

We're nearly finished putting together info for upcoming design classes for what we're calling The New Flower School. From designing your own wedding bouquet to DIY terrariums to succulent wall informal setting where we'll delve into trade secrets and teach basic principles that include selecting flowers for certain containers, back yard treasures that can be utilized in design, as well as a guide to designing with (yes) grocery store flowers. We'll also be featuring several Holiday classes...including a Christmas design course like you've never seen..we're calling it Christmas with a coastal twist (more on this later).

Below are some of what we'll be covering- thanks Anne Liles Photography and Theo Milo Photography for your help - The New Flower School loves you!

Gorgeous succulent and moss wall panel- perfect for a porch - you can do this!

Terrariums for all containers and we'll show you the tricks.

Boutonnieres and corsages 
All from the backyard in a vintage basket

DIY garlands and how-to burlap bag treasures

Garden gorgeous in an old container wrapped in twine

Eco friendly and creative
Great pew decor!
Perfect  for rustic table numbers- we'll be breaking out the big tools for this class!
Bridal bouquet..101
Easy centerpiece designs in everyday vases


  1. I love your designs and I'm so excited to have the opportunity to learn from you!

  2. Kim, you are crazy creative -- and by crazy I mean talented and inspired. I hope to build a greenhouse on the farm this year for floral crops. I know your site will become a regular stop for me as I revel in the beauty of your bouquets and floral creations.