Friday, September 14, 2012

Repurposed beauty

Whoopee! Today one of our projects is featured on the bible of design Design Sponge (go look at it )- seriously they do not fool around! Considered THE top design blog they are the last word, the go to , the tippy top in design..and they liked our little project! We are going to walk around all day today with very big grins on our faces.
We made a table out of slate and a crepe myrtle tree trunk- we have a ton of slate from a salvaged  pool table and up until now we have been making lots of cheese boards out of it (best Christmas gift ever) but I think this may be my favorite use of it so far. Thanks  Theo Milo Photography for capturing it all so beautifully, as usual.

Gorgeous algae prints from my biologist daughter in law.

My signature, the glass cloche.

We made "antlers" from old manzanita branches.

This gorgeous vase is from Blue Hand Home

I styled the table with and without flowers..above is the raspberries.

Sometimes a basket of violet plants  is all you need.

I love the mottled bark

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  1. all of this is so beautiful...I am in love with the "antlers"...why do you not live closer?!