Monday, October 1, 2012

Project: Backyard Bungalow

This July we took a small break from weddings and built a small bungalow next to our pool. It sounds frivolous but there was this awful concrete no man's land by the pool that was a terrible waste of space and did nothing but heat up everything around it.

Our goal was to recycle, repurpose, use what was at hand as much as possible. Yes, there was a trip to Habitat and a couple to Home Depot but for the most part all materials were salvaged, picked, or left overs from past projects- including the decor. From old black and white pictures taken by my dad to the quirky hand carved mermaids I bought years ago it came together. A big thank you to Theo Milo Photography for the beautiful images.

Honestly , I wanted to move in when it was finished. My favorite feature was an old porcelain sink that we attached to the side and turned into a water dish for our dogs. It's always the little things , isn't it

The dog

I started a lot of plants from my Sweedish ivy so I'd have plenty of green around the building.

Current passion, succulents.

One of several old doors pulled from an old carriage house

We used left over bamboo mats on the floor.

I spray painted an old metal table - makes a great little bar.

My favorite new cooler- line a basket with a plastic bucket.

Old black and white photos next to the terrarium

An beautiful fishing chair from my father in law's boat- fixed by my husband to re use here.

Wrought iron cane made by my brother..a joke for a milestone birthday.


  1. Absolutely stunning Kim! I love it! =)

  2. Wow this is so beautiful. Well done!

  3. This makes me believe there are no junk drawers or cluttered closets in your house. ;-) What is particularly appealing Kim about your sense of style is that it's not a sense at all, it's a full-blown inherent gift that is in everything you do. I look at these photos and marvel at what you've created, an inviting garden folly that anyone would readily move into in at a moment's notice. Well done, well done.