Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas at Dane Cottage or Here comes Santa Paws

When my husband and I bought this house we decide to name it.....because it just seemed like a house that should have a name ..besides it makes for great looking personal stationary.

In England the rich used to name their homes according to ancestry  location and title.Norfolk House (Duke of), Belvoir Castle (overlooking the Belvoir Valley); Castle Droge (named after a 13th ancestor) etc.

We are neither rich nor titled.

We chose the name Dane Cottage because of our  great danes who we love and spoil.

Velvet and Stonewall  

"Is that you Santa Paws? "

Back door  porch where the house wrens nest in the spring

Since we live 10 minutes from the beach we thought Santa should have a proper beach ride.

 See the bits of twig inside? House wrens..they have such a beautiful song.(in spring that is)

Happy Yule , Y'all !

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